Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (2024)

Grab that dusty bottle of vodka and get ready to make some quick and easy, and totally delicious vodka recipes! These fun co*cktails range from classic to unique but all can be made very quickly with no bartending skills required. Cheers to that!

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Why these recipes work

These easy co*cktails are perfect for people who love to make mixed drinks at home. From trying new craft methods to seeking new flavors, this list has vodka recipes that are simple to make but totally tasty.

These vodka drink recipes don’t require any legit bartending techniques (like the double strain) and are perfect for people who are just beginning to mix drinks. As a rule, I tend to only use a handful of tools so you should have everything you need in your bar to make these yummy concoctions like a co*cktail shaker.

Aside from a few recipes that require freezing or cooling of a simple syrup, these recipes can be made quickly. Because the faster you make them, the faster you can enjoy them.

Vodka pairs with just about any fruit juice, works with milk-based co*cktails and can be done as a shot (so I’ve heard – I would only try this in a Russian bar where I had to wear a fur coat and go into a freezer to do it.).

Vodka is a versatile co*cktail ingredient and, especially when used in a mixed drink with other flavors, the flavor nuances can be harder to detect.

And you don’t need to buy an expensive bottle of vodka, but don’t buy the cheapest either.

From martinis and Moscow Mules to Vodka Soda, there are so many great vodka recipes that can be made! You won’t find a Bloody Mary on here. It’s just not my jam. Tomato juice doesn’t belong in great co*cktail recipes. Ew.

Easy Vodka Recipes to Make at Home

San Pellegrino Limonata Vodka Soda

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (2)

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Just 2 ingredients, this one of my favorite easy vodka recipes and is perfect for enjoying in the pool, on vacation or anywhere you want a refreshing and flavorful drink. Mix it right in a highball glass and sip away. A lemon wedge or slice is the perfect finishing touch.

Spiked Ice Tea Vodka co*cktail

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (3)

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Just a few ingredients is all you need to create an easy co*cktail to serve at your next BBQ. Just grab a tall glass and your favorite black tea and spike it with vodka and a little bit of lemon juice.

Grapefruit Vodka Tonic

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (4)

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Tart grapefruit juice and bubbly tonic water makes this co*cktaillight and refreshing! Sipping a Grapefruit Vodka Tonic from a rocks glass is a great way to kick back on a warm summer day.

Blood Orange Martini

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (5)

This Blood Orange Vodka Martini has the prettiest color! The unique flavor of blood oranges, paired with orange liqueur, makes this vodka martini sweet, citrusy and a perfect happy hour drink idea. These also look pretty in a coupe glass or chilled martini glass. (You can use Triple Sec if you don’t have Cointreau!)

Super Refreshing Blackberry Vodka Champagne co*cktail

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (6)

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This vodka co*cktail with blackberry and champagne is a fun twist on the classic sangria recipe. Made in a co*cktail mixing glass, it has the perfect amount of fizz from champagne and soda water and flavor from fresh berries, this may just become your new favorite summer pitcher co*cktail.

Long Vodka

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (7)

Another of the super simple vodka recipes has classic flavors that your taste buds already love. A Long Vodka is vodka based and lemonade to keep things super easy. A lemon twist or slice is a cool way to finish off this drink.

Pear Vodka Martini

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (8)

Pear juice is totally underrated in co*cktails! This sweet drink with vodka is sure to be your new favorite! Plus it has edible flower confetti and makes the co*cktail glass look awesome.

Mojito Recipe with Apple Juice

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (9)

A mojito technically has rum, but I switched it out for vodka in this case. The Honeycrisp apple juice is so flavorful and muddled mint leaves adds another awesome layer of flavor. That hit of fresh mint garnish makes your nose happy. How cute would some apple slices be sticking out of the top of this? A handful of ice makes it super refreshing.

Vodka Sunrise

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (10)

This is my most visited vodka co*cktail recipe on the site! The colors are amazing and the crushed ice make this slushy, fruity drink summer ready!

Hibiscus co*cktail with Grapefruit

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (11)

I generally stay away from extra ingredients that might be harder to find but the hibiscus liquor is worth having around! It adds a delicious floral note with a touch of fruitiness and the color is delightful! (Plus I’ve used it in a variety of Hibiscus co*cktails on the site!)

Vodka and Orange Juice

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (12)

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Need a fast drink idea? Make the classic Vodka and Orange Juice! Also known as a screwdriver, will quench your thirst like the rest of these easy vodka recipes. Add edible flowers or an orange slice for the perfect finishing touch.

Vodka Gimlet

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (13)

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A classic Vodka Gimlet is just what the doctor ordered! With a hint of Rose’s lime juice, this co*cktail is more than just straight-up vodka. It’s quick, easy and more sippable than you may think!

Cucumber Gimlet Recipe

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (14)

If you love refreshing vodka recipes and don’t hate cucumber, this is your new favorite co*cktail! This drink in particular is great for warmer weather!

Hibiscus Martini Recipe

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (15)

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With a sweet and fruity flavor with just a hint of floral, you’ll enjoy this unique Hibsicus Martini recipe. Plus, just look at that color!

Cucumber co*cktail with Basil

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (16)

A cucumber co*cktail is super refreshing and one of my favorite vodka recipes to drink when the weather warms up. Add a little basil and lime juice and you’ve got the perfect summer sipper. A few cucumber slices make the perfect garnish.

Vodka Mojito Recipe

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (17)

The fresh mint and lime make this one of the most refreshing vodka recipes out there! It’s easy to make and the thing you want to be sipping in warm weather.

Strawberry Sauvignon Blanc Martini

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (18)

I LOVE to play around withwine co*cktailsand this one is delicious with my favorite Sauvignon Blanc, vodka and strawberries! YUM!

Vodka and Apple Juice

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (19)

Apple juice isn’t just for playdates! Add a little vodka and a few fresh herbs and you’ve got a tasty co*cktail with just a handful of ingredients!

Best Moscow Mule Recipe

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (20)

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An original Moscow Mule is always a good idea! With just a few ingredients, you get a ginger-y, minty drink best served in a cute copper mug! If you love ginger beer, you’ll love this classic co*cktail idea.

Don’t forget to check out more classic Moscow Mules made with vodka:

  • Strawberry Mint Moscow Mule
  • Pineapple Moscow Mule
  • Green Moscow Mule (this one is great for St. Patrick’s Day!)
  • Lemon Blueberry Moscow Mule
  • Kombucha Mule
  • Pumpkin Spice Mule
  • Holiday Mule
  • Spiced Pear Mule
  • Halloween Mule

Frozen Cranberry Vodka Slush

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (21)

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Vodka recipes aren’t just for summer! This flavorful Cranberry Vodka Slush is a great holiday co*cktail idea for all your winter entertaining. A homemade spiced cranberry juice is the perfect base and cinnamon sticks are the best garnish.

Hot Green Tea with Vodka

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (22)

Get the recipe

This hot Green Tea with Vodka is just what the doctor ordered. It’s perfect for sipping on a chilly evening.

Black Vodka Halloween Punch

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (23)

The cool black color comes from activated charcoal. It’s perfect for Halloween but just skip that one ingredient and you’ve got a delicious vodka punch to serve all year long!

Lemon Lavender Moscow Mule

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (24)

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Lavender and lemon is one of my favorite flavor pairings! They make this Moscow Mule extra refreshing and full of unique flavor. It’s one of the vodka recipes I know you haven’t tried yet! Learn more about Haus here.

Citrusy Fruit Punch Vodka co*cktail

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (25)

If you love a fruity co*cktail, this yummy, citrusy co*cktail with fruit punch and vodka is sure to please your tastebuds!

Vodka Mule with Oak Absolut

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (26)

The flavor of this Oak by Absolut Vodka is aged like whiskey. It gives this Oak Mule a deeper taste that is unusual in most vodka recipes. It’s a must try!

Vodka and co*ke

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (27)

This super simple Vodka and co*ke recipe is one of the most visited on the site! It’s quick and refreshing and easy to add even more flavors too. Top it with a lime slice and you’re good to go. Try adding a little salt to the rim of the glass for an even more delicious co*cktail experience.

Moscow Mule Cupcakes

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (28)

Get the recipe

Best you didn’t think cupcakes would end up on this list of vodka recipes but here they are! These Moscow Mule Cupcakes are infused with vodka! It’s a fun dessert to make for any celebration.

White Russian Cupcakes

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (29)

Get the recipe

Another boozy treat! These White Russian Cupcakes with vodka are flavorful and perfect for sharing with friends.

Flavored Vodkas

You can make all of these drinks even more flavorful by using flavored vodkas, like vanilla vodka. You can use store-bought or make your own DIY Flavored Vodka.

Vodka Recipe Lists

Don’t forget to check out my seasonal lists of vodka recipes for even more tasty ideas.

  • Refreshing Summer Vodka Drinks
  • Vodka Drinks with Pineapple Juice
  • Watermelon Recipes with Vodka
  • Winter Vodka co*cktails

I’m sure you’ll find something that looks tasty on this list! These popular co*cktails with vodka are so easy to make and are perfect for sharing with friends!

Top tips

  • To make the best vodka co*cktails, start with chilled vodka whenever possible.
  • If you don’t like the taste of alcohol use around 1 ounce. It will blend better with the other flavors. Also don’t make something like a gimlet where it’s mostly vodka.
  • If you like your co*cktails on the strong side, use 1 1/2 – 2 ounces of vodka.
  • Vodka can be made from a variety of things like potato, and flavor will vary slightly but can all be used in these vodka recipes.

Which vodka is best?

This is personal preference but there are tons of great brands out there. I prefer Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Prairie Organic. I also like to chat with bartenders and ask them about their favorites.

And also, you can do online research to see what the experts have to say like in this Town and Country article on 10 Great Vodka Brands to check out.

How many calories are in vodka?

There are about 64 calories for every 1 ounce of vodka (this can vary by proof and a few other factors) according to the US Department of Agriculture.

How is vodka served?

Vodka can be served neat (which means on it’s own – should be chilled), as a shot or in a co*cktail.

How do you store vodka?

Vodka should be stored at room temperature. It doesn’t need to be kept in the freezer but you can and it won’t damage it. It is best served chilled so you can put it in the freezer for an hour before serving and that will chill it enough.

Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (30)
Vodka Recipes to Make at Home (2024)
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