Pork Chops With Kale and Dates Recipe (2024)



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D. Ward

Made as written with fresh sage. This was a truly delicious meal! We eat meat a few times a week and try to make it special-and it was. Can’t wait to try with rosemary and one less date to cut sweetness a little. Don’t forget the finishing vinegar since it really wakes up the kale and balances the sweetness.

Dorothy Wiese

Problem is finding fat juicy pork chops.


White wine instead of the water at the end deglazes nicely. Outstanding recipe.

D. Ward

Andrea, prunes are delicious with pork. Should work fine.


I used boneless thick-cut loin chops and used Herbes de Provence with salt and pepper, and they were cooked perfectly at 130 degrees after about 10 minutes. I didn't have any dates but the dish was really good without them. The charred kale with the pork was really good. Definitely a keeper.


Can you use spinach instead?


This is a keeper of a recipe; I'll cook it again and again A few minor adjustments:- I used currants instead of dates. For any who find dates too sweet, the currants are a wonderful alternative- I browned the pork chops in butter and oil. Since the heat was only on medium, and the butter was mixed with the oil, there was no problem with burning.- I put *lots* of sage leaves in to brown/crisp with the pork as it was browning, then took them out to do the kale, but didn't throw them away!


Way to much cooking time check at 10 minutes. Probably best seared each side 3-4 minutes and out. Use 2/3 head of radicchio and was superb.

Jim B

Just made this for the third time, and I had come back and say that this is one of the best recipes I have ever made from the NYT. Packed with flavor, so easy and quick to make. For a simple recipe, this has a bunch of complex flavors. Economical too if you have a freezer and can buy the chops in bulk at Costco. We too only do meat about twice a week, and this is the perfect way to make it.


Such a simple and quick recipe with SO MUCH FLAVOR. I used apricots instead of dates and liked the tangy sweetness.


We made this except we used apples instead of dates because we didn’t want to go shopping and had the rest at home. SOO GOOD!


Made this per recipe and used sherry vinegar. It was fabulous. Made with parmesan polenta and the flavors were so well balanced. I quit making pork chops a long time ago due to the low fat content and toughness, but I bought two thick 1 1/2 " chops and brined them overnight and they were great.I took them off the heat at 137 degrees. My kale hating husband raved like a maniac about the char,dates and garlic.The entire meal including red wine transported me to Italy will make this again for sure


Absolutely delicious! Next time, I’m doubling the kale, as it cooks down quite a bit and the dates overpower. Served with roasted new potatoes.


I was thinking the same thing!


Did it word for word and it clapped.


Do more greens. We did 2 bunches for 6 people and I would do 3 or 4 for 6 people. Because they were so yummy I’d love to have leftovers.


More greens. We did 2 bunches for 6 people and I would prefer leftovers. So I would do 3 or 4 bunches for 6 people.


I used swiss chard and added a little crushed red pepper, and served it with polenta. My husband and I loved it!

Jacob J

Easy, quick, and delicious. What more could you ask for?


Absolutely delicious! I used pork steaks - full of marbling and flavor. Used herbs de provence instead of sage, a few dates and a few apricots and 5 oz container of baby kale. Served with Emily's Roasted Potatoes from Ina Garten.

Doug S.

I used the rosemary sprigs as directed. They added nothing. When making again, I'll either remove the rosemary leaves from the stems, chop & leave in or just use the sage leaves chopped & left in. Also, don't overcook the kale until it reduces. Cook only until it resembles the photo. Serve the chops intact with sharp knives versus cutting off the bone before serving. Also, peel & mince the garlic & double the butter or use equal amounts of butter & oil to baste. One Tbsp. is too little.


Made as written with rosemary and red wine vinegar. Delicious! Will definitely make again. The dates were so good with the pork.


This is delicious. I followed recipe exactly, except used collards from the garden, under row cover in February, instead of kale. Had regular pork chops, 1/2 inch so cooked less, and I opted for sage because we like it with pork. Served with baked sweet potatoes. Nice dinner on a cold winter night.


For those who cannot find thick pork chops - I regularly make this with pork tenderloin instead. Sear on each side, perform the butter basting, then transfer the rosemary to a small baking dish and plop the tenderloin on top to finish in the oven for 5-10 minutes while you finish the rest. Toss some cauliflower in there to roast with it and you won’t be sorry! I serve the cauliflower alongside the kale and add some balsamic glaze and pine nuts for a great rounded meal

Crazy cat lady

All I have to say about this recipe is that my kale-adverse (being polite here) husband loved it. End of story.


Great recipe, used broccali rabe which upped the Italian sense of dish and recommend when making polenta, cook with 1/2 water and 1/2 milk to make it richer


I really enjoyed this meal. Used sage instead of the rosemary. I had to make a substitution of bok choy for the kale. It worked great. Chopped separated the sliced rib part from the torn leafy part. Cooked the rib part when I added the garlic/dates - then added the leafy part when I added the water "add water, then cook, stirring often, until the leafy bok choy is dark green and slightly wilted". Followed the rest of the directions. It was great.


I made this with sage. Both my 12 year old son and I loved it so much! I am usually not a fan of kale, but this was outstanding! I tried making the same side dish with spinach, and even though the garlicky sweet flavor makes it better, kale texture is what brings it to the next level. For pork chops, I overcooked them slightly, next time I’ll do less time, and will finish cooking when brazing with sage butter.

Debbie H

I made this abd substituted brussels sprouts for kale & was yummy.

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Pork Chops With Kale and Dates Recipe (2024)
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