Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (2024)

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (1)Zachary Roberts
2024-03-12 01:45:31 GMT

I had work done on my daughter's car. They did good work, communication was good, and the prices were fair. I had new tie rods put on and brakes.

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (2)Jeff
2024-01-10 21:09:29 GMT

Jr is a great person, pricing is excellent. Service is outstanding you never had to worry about whether something’s done right. These guys are just that good.

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (3)Pamela Allen
2020-05-29 21:39:52 GMT

My husband just took in his 1989 Ford F-150 4x4 for a camber and toe Twin Traction Beam system front-end alignment. First, it is very, very hard to find someone to work on these obsolete systems. Second, it is very, very hard to find someone to work on these systems and get it right.

THEY GOT IT RIGHT!!! He is very impressed with the end results of the look and performance after having the system completed. He just put a 6-inch Rough Country Lift on my truck and it was imperative that the front-end is right for control and stability. He feels very confident in the trucks performance.

He was also impressed with their great customer service, great follow-up and the pricing was very reasonable.

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (4)John Wheeler
2024-04-25 22:36:55 GMT

Great Sevice. Donny and Junior are great mechanics.

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (5)Joey P
2024-01-23 14:02:15 GMT

Great place to have work done. Friendly staff, very knowledgeable

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (6)Ernest Ritz
2023-04-05 12:15:24 GMT

Love this place, they know what there doing, and I trust them. J.R. & Don have been servicing my vehicles for over 7 years. And feel totally confident with there ability to take care of my vehicle with no questions asked. Great Service and personality.

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (7)Kathy Napierkowski
2023-10-20 16:42:25 GMT

Just needed my tire pressure checked on a rental car . Absolutely professional and best service I have ever had. Thank you!

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (8)Unavailable Unavailable
2023-07-18 22:01:44 GMT

Most trustworthy shop I’ve ever gone to. I am always more than satisfied with their services. Fast, friendly, knowledgeable and honest! I would recommend Corton Tire to anyone!

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (9)Karen White
2022-05-09 15:42:20 GMT

Took my mom's car in to have the tires looked at because one kept losing pressure. I called the morning of 5/9/22 and spoke to Junior. I explained my mom is disabled and we take her car to her appointments, and I didn't want to get stuck on the road with a flat with her in the car. He asked me if 11 a.m. would be good. I was so happy he could get me in that fast! When I walked in, Danny was so kind and understanding. He told me everything that was going on and fixed the tire. They were AWESOME! Nowadays when customer service is awful, these guys truly went above and beyond! If you're looking to take your car for service, please support the small brick and mortar businesses, and bring your car HERE!

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (10)Brian Gunter
2021-09-28 08:33:29 GMT

Service is always top notch and the staff is phenomenal. Prices are what you expect, may seem high but your vehicle will be in great hands and will be returned to you in a quick timely fashion and you can be ASSURED the quality will be perfect and done well. They dont cut corners. They grease and lube what needs it and Tony will call you and let you know what does and doesn't need done and won't lie to you or steer you wrong its impossible to find good mechanics for fair pricing. He will even show you old parts and explain to the Non mechanically incline what they do so you know you aren't being sold parts and repairs you dont need.

If there was a higher rating I'd give it but 5 stars is the max.

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (11)Michael Meek
2019-02-05 20:19:19 GMT

Update today 2/5/19. Work done today.
Very friendly and does the work correctly. Very good price. I have gone here with every car I have owned and never ever had a problem with his work. The B E S T !!

I only go here. Honest and does the best work anybody can ask for. Work is done right and very friendly.

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (12)John Pace
2024-01-02 21:02:57 GMT

Jr saved me again on my tire situation so glad I stopped by that day!!!

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (13)Madeline Chappell-Hampton
2021-02-09 06:31:37 GMT

Had a tire blow out while working and my passenger recommended this shop. THEY ARE 10 STARS!!!! Mr Anthony (Jr) was fabulous, he was very professional, personable. Him and the team got me back up, and running quickly. Then Mr. Anthony made sure my sensors were ok, and rechecked all my tires including my spare. That little extra TLC truly impressed me. He made sure I was going to be safe and prepared in case of an emergency. I will be a true and faithful customer from this day on. And will recommend them to everyone I know. Thank you very much Mr. Anthony to you and your team. I was having a really bad day and you made that day better 😁😁😁😁😁😁

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (14)Brian Kozina (thekozina)
2018-11-02 09:33:39 GMT

I had moved to Wickliffe about three months prior to my battery cables frying and had no knowledge of mechanics in the area. I walked into Corton not knowing anything about them. Anthony was friendly, informative and explained all the possibilities and all my options in detail. I checked his pricing and opinions with my previous mechanic and he agreed that it was fair and logical. Had my car back the next day. Fair pricing and honest mechanics here, I'll definitely be back.

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (15)Dan Haney
2021-05-17 14:34:39 GMT

Junior helped get me custom exhaust (essentially back to stock) after previous owner put an aftermarket on for $500-700 cheaper than anywhere else taking it back to stock. Nobody else even offered making a custom exhaust, only OEM parts. Finding an honest mechanic so close to home is a GODSEND. I refuse to go anywhere else.

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (16)Ernie Rizzo
2022-06-25 18:17:52 GMT

Great !! I would Recommend anyone who needs a good Mechanic or Tires ,5 years going to them and Never had to worry about the job or his prices.👍 there the best you have to have your car serviced Here. Great job and very reasonable

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (17)Liberato or Lee Picciano
2022-10-26 04:25:53 GMT

No BS car repair. Doing great work at a good value. Now that I'm older and can't do some of the work I use their services on all 5 of my cars.

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (18)Angie Samsonas
2017-04-08 02:15:51 GMT

Only place I go. Extremely nice, honesty, and fair priced. Very thorough and readily available with quick turnaround. NO UPSELLING!! And the work is done CORRECTLY. I will never go back to a quick oil change place.

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (19)brenna matejka
2022-06-13 19:36:18 GMT

This place is absolutely amazing I got a flat running around and I called everywhere and no one could help me I called them they had my tire size and tire everything I got here they changed my tire within 20 min thank you so much awesome place.

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (20)John Travolta
2019-01-16 18:48:00 GMT

Took my classic car here for an alignment and new tires. Jr. selected the tires best suited for my vehicle and driving environment. I will definitely continue to be a repeat customer.

Corton Tire Inc, Chagrin Falls Reviews (2024)
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